This article was written especially for Focus Magazine February 2018 Stress is the enemy! You avoid stress with good planning.  A wedding day is a BIG day in your life. Half the fun is getting there. Set out to enjoy the journey.   Our wedding team at the Coffs Event Centre offer this advice: AT THE EARLIEST: Build a firm foundation. Discuss with just your partner what lies ahead; the basic form you would like your wedding to take - large, small - a church wedding, a celebrant wedding - at home, at a venue - indoors, outdoors - formal, smart, or casual. Then review - the available resources - who you would like to involve and importantly how much you are prepared to spend. Set a budget at the very beginning by mutual agreement and stick to it! The way you interact together may set the pattern for your married life - get it right! DECIDE THE DATE: with a ‘fall-back’ plan, in case some of your choices are unavailable. Apart from your personal preferences - consider the availability of your chosen bridal party; avoiding holiday periods with lower accommodation availability and higher tariffs; Venue, Celebrant and, Honeymoon Booking availability. You cannot do everything yourself so ‘upload’ the major tasks to professionals.  Or at the very least, to friends and other family members. Now the fun bit With the foundation and organisational framework in place ... GET INSPIRED - look around for things you like and great ways to do things. The Internet is awash with tips, tricks and inspirational ideas. Pinterest is a great place to start.  Browse around to get an overview. COLLECT the ideas that appeal (copy and paste makes it easy) and store them somewhere. Cloud services, like Google Drive are great free services you might find useful.  Check that in each service you use, your information remains private, secure, controllable and deletable. You can store the information in folders as text, pictures, videos, etc. SORT your collection into categories and prioritise the things you like best. Fit the cost of your dreams to your pre-agreed budget limit. SHARE - a Cloud Service makes this easy. We suggest you open one of these Cloud Services for the private use of just you and your partner.  Open a second and share it with the bridal party and perhaps a third for others who will be involved or interested.   Your Invitation List and virtual guests Decide who you MUST ask - who you would LIKE to ask - how they will get there - where they will be accommodated etc.  Consider how you might use the Internet to involve people who may find it hard to attend.  It is easy to invite virtual guests to phone in and take part, by voice text or Skype.  Consider pairing each virtual guest with someone in attendance who can act to host the call and act as an intermediary in relaying proceedings (a bit like the people who take phone bids at auctions). Want to know more? The team at the Coffs Event Centre would be very happy to answer individual questions. You can call them on 02 6658 0071.
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