YOUR WEDDING BUDGET - decide first, how much you are prepared to spend in total - then break this amount down into the various components - Invitations, gowns/formal wear, ceremony, celebrant, reception, transport, photography, video, honeymoon etc.  Breaking components further into sub groups will help set realistic spend levels e.g.. Split - Reception into venue charges, food, and decorating. RECEPTION OPTIONS You have a wide range of options to consider.  There are many wonderful, indoor and outdoor, Reception venues and locations available on the Coffs Coast and hinterland. Some venues have in- house catering, with others you will need to consider a mobile catering service. To minimise costs and inconvenience to your guests, try and locate your Reception close to your planned Ceremony.  A significant time interval between Ceremony and Reception is very hard on your guests - who have nothing to do, but wait around. WOW WEDDING SERVICES WOW functions and other services at Coffs Event Centre work at all Venues including private homes.  We decorate and provide lighting, sound, visual, ‘virtual’ and video support. We  have battery operated PA equipment for beach or bush gatherings etc. OUTDOOR CEREMONY VENUES With an Outdoor Ceremony, you need to plan for an alternative “Bad Weather Option”.  A call may need to be made on which option to use the day prior to the wedding.  REMEMBER - you will also need to advise your guests of any last minute venue changes. PRICING OF WEATHER OPTIONS - We encourage you to work with us to minimise the cost of weather changes. It is important to make a “Bad Weather Call” early enough for us to avoid duplication of effort. BEACH OR PUBLIC PARK CEREMONIES Depending on the size location and duration of public space usage, you may need to get the relevant Council permission and submit the paperwork (risk assessments, etc) and pay the fee.  There's no guarantee of approval.  The earlier you make application, the better. BOTANIC GARDENS - Your Ceremony/Reception needs to be pre- booked.  The phone number is: 02 6648 4188. COMMITMENT AND BOOKING Commitment and Booking is a ‘trade-off’.  Deciding and booking reserves your place WHICH IS IMPORTANT, but it limits your options to change your mind at a later date.  Most venues and services charge a Booking Fee, which you forfeit if you cancel. Remember everyone helping you, has costs that they need to recover in the event of a cancellation. COFFS EVENT CENTRE do charge a deposit that does include a non-refundable Booking Fee. With us, once booked and deposit is paid you have complete freedom without any special charges or penalties to change numbers booked or styles and colours or add to or subtract from your order as the need arises. There are compassionate circumstances where we will return all or part of your deposit if the event needs to be cancelled.
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